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Through all the hearsay, thoughts, comments, home loan and mortgage terminology, it’s easy to be confused and overwhelmed when trying to decide how to move forward to attain your best choice to a mortgage decision. For many the financial decisions surrounding your mortgage will be one of the most important financial commitments you make that will affect you and your family for many years to come, possibly for some, the decisions and choices you make now will affect the rest of your financial life.

We are mortgage professionals and only participate or recommend for you to work with a licensed mortgage professional and let them provide the guidance and non partisan choice for you. The licensed mortgage professional associate does not represent just ONE BANK or webassets/cabinhomepano.jpglender, but many, their advice to you takes into consideration:

- Your current situation
- Discusses your future ambitions
- Makes recommendations without representation of just one financial source
- Their menu of financial lenders allows them to compare and fit your circumstance to what mortgage product availability best suits you





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Don’t call just ONE BANK, call the mortgage professional that offers you a menu of financial lenders. Why not place our recommended licensed mortgage professional associate to do the work for and with you, personal service without the bias of only one lender?

family1.jpgResidential mortgage approvals are used for RENTAL PROPERTIES for some residential property investors; when up to FOUR rental properties are mortgaged, it need not be clasified under a commercial mortgage structure.

Residential mortgage approvals are also commonly used for CONSTRUCTION LOANS some of these applications also are not structured as commercial mortgages depending on number of properties involved.

Clarification of relevant responsibilities and terminology:

MORTGAGE BROKERAGE’S ROLE and obligations, and that of their representatives, to the borrower and lender will vary depending on the nature of the service relationship between the mortgage brokerage and the lender or borrower. The following describes the mortgage brokerage's role and resulting obligations to you, the client. You are encouraged to discuss this web page content with your mortgage brokerage represenative and ask any questions that arise.

A mortgage brokerage cannot always provide the lowest rate or best terms in the marketplace. Best rate is dependent on client qualifying income, credit history, amount of equity, or choice of property type and/or location, and the time required for approval and funding.



Your Mortgage Associate Representative Relationship responsibilities are to act as the transaction facilitator between borrower and lenders who have authorized the mortgage brokerage to offer the mortgage products of one or more lenders to borrowers who are seeking a mortgage. Duties to the borrower are to act competently and honestly and to disclose all relevant information associated with the mortgage dealing.

Whose products does the brokerage offer? webassets/bighouse.jpg

  • Mortgages available from a multiple menu of lenders; equity only mortgages, conventional mortgages, low down payment mortgages, insured mortgages, refinacing of mortgages, home equity line of credit mortgages.
  • Interest variances lowest possible fitted to the credit status of the borrower, variable interest availability, fixed term -- long or short terms)
  • Mortgage Protection Plan, Creditor Life and Disability Insurance.     NOTE: There are special offers available from Mortgage associates and their brokerages to first time buyers - check them out 
  • Other products that may be more specific to each mortgage borrower

Nature of relationship between the lender and broker?

The broker and broker associates/agents are not employed by the lender. The broker has a working agreement with the lenders that authorizes representation of the lenders for their various mortgage related products.


How the brokerage achieves compensation for mortgage transactions may be the following ways:

- By way of commission/income or fee paid by the lender (This applies in most cases)
- By charging the mortgage client a fee, depending on circumstances
- By way of a renewal commission from the lender if the client keeps the mortgage loan in force
- By way of commission/income depending on the length of the term or the amount of the mortgage
- There may be other forms of compensation specific to a specific set of circumstances with a rticular client

The brokerage may also receive other benefits from the lender that may include:

- Additional commission/income based on the volume of business with the lender
- Additional commission/income based on efficiencies with the lender
- Travel/gifts
- Attendance at seminars or conference

 Refund of fees. If the brokerage charged you a fee to arrange your mortgage and is not successful in getting your mortgage approved by a lender you MAY or MAY NOT receive a full or partial refund of the fees you paid, depending on the circumstances and identified scope of work agreed to, in writing, between the brokerage, associate/agent and the client.

What additional borrowers’ costs may apply for payment?

Specific costs, may include: property appraisals, default mortgage insurance, title insurance, legal costs, registration fees, property tax adjustments and home owners insurance are all considerations of which you should be aware.

As a mortgage broker/associate, others may be paid part of the compensation for mortgage referral. If your mortgage is referred to another mortgage associate or broker because it is advantageous for you, the client, to be served in this manner, a co-broker arrangement may occur between mortgage associates/agents and the brokerages. This does not mean that you, the client, pay more, but as the client, you will be made aware of the way the compensation is divided between all involved in structuring the mortgage.

Property valuations: webassets/res1.jpg

The client always acknowledges that the granting of a mortgage does not represent a confirmation of the value or condition of the property by the brokerage and/or their associate representatives, even if appraisals or inspections are conducted by the client, mortgage insurers or others acting on your behalf, before or after the loan approval.

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